Training Practice

GP Registrar

We are proud to be an accredited training practice, and we have trainee GPs working with us under close supervision. They are qualified doctors who have chosen general practice as their chosen career. These doctors work in the practice for six or twelve months.

Sometimes, as part of their training and to assess their progress they may be required to video some consultations. The patients involved will always be asked for written consent (and if this is withheld the video will not take place and the patient will not be disadvantaged in any way). All video recordings are treated with the same level of confidentiality as the patient notes.

Medical Students

We currently have 1st – 4th year medical students attached to the practice from Birmingham University. They study within the practice 1-day each week. This enables them to have a wide experience of medical practice. Occasionally medical students may observe clinicians whilst they consult, but this would only be with the patient’s agreement and patients have the right to decline. All students sign a confidentiality form. Occasionally, students see patients on an individual basis in order to understand their medical condition or may need to look at patient records whilst studying various medical conditions. If you would be interested in helping the students please leave your name and telephone number at reception or speak to the student co-ordinator.