During the Covid-19 pandemic, all appointments will initially be booked as telephone calls. If the clinician feels you need a face to face assessment, this will be arranged by the clinician. All online appointment booking has temporarily been suspended, so please telephone to arrange an appointment.

Appointments can be made by:

  • Calling the practice on 01562 547300
    All incoming and outgoing calls are recorded for training and monitoring purposes

Each doctor has his or her own consulting times, but the surgery is open between 08:00 and 18:30, Monday – Friday. We allow patients to book appointments up to four weeks in advance. Please specify to the receptionist whether your appointment is urgent or routine so it can be dealt with appropriately.

Patients requiring urgent treatment will be seen on the day, but it may not be with your preferred doctor. Chapel House patients may be asked to go to one of our other branches to be seen.

Online Services

If you would like to register for this free service please complete our Register for Online Services form.

Routine Appointments

Patients can attend any surgery, but they can state a preference, although there might not be appointments available at that site, on the day of choice. You can request a particular doctor, but again, there might not be appointments available on the day of your choice; so ideally, if you want a particular doctor or site, please book in advance. You can pre-book appointments up to a month in advance with a doctor or nurse.

If you require a routine appointment please avoid telephoning the surgery at 08:00 as this causes problems for patients who have urgent requirements. Receptionists are available through until 18:30 to take your call.

Urgent Appointments

Once all appointments for the day have been allocated there will be a sit and wait surgery to accommodate patients who require urgent treatment. The surgery will offer the sit and wait service Monday to Friday, 08:30 – 11:30, and 14:30 – 17:30, so if you need is urgent please be prepared to wait. This sit and wait service might be at any one of the three sites. If you are bringing someone who is very poorly please alert the receptionist to this fact when you arrive, they can then inform the doctor.

Providing this type of daily service means that when you are ill you know you will be seen on the day when you need medical attention. This service is only for urgent care and not routine problems. Reception staff will ask if you consider your problem is urgent and if you arrive outside the times detailed above you will not be seen unless it is an emergency.

Telephone Consultations

As part of our service, Wychbury Medical Group offer telephone consultations to patients. These can be pre-booked in the same way as our face-to-face consultations are. Such booked telephone consultations can be useful in the following scenarios:

  • Follow-up discussions or advice relating to previously seen or existing conditions.
  • Medication reviews where the existing prescriptions are straightforward.
  • Discussion of test results.
  • Fit Note Issue / Reissue (Although a subsequent face-to-face consultation may be required).
  • Discussions re: the suitability of, or reactions to medication.
  • Discussions of an administrative nature, such as choice of provider or clinical procedure.
  • Instances where the clinician has suggested a telephone call as being suitable.

There are instances whereby a telephone consultation may not be an appropriate method of accessing healthcare. These include:

  • Where the clinician considers that an examination should be made.
  • Where the clinician considers that there is a degree of risk involved in a remote consultation.
  • Where the patient is abroad. This effectively would be a consultation in another country where the clinician may not be licensed to practice, and where he / she may not be insured. Patients should be advised in these circumstances to seek help locally and through their travel or health insurer.
  • Where the clinician’s ability to monitor or provide follow-up care is compromised.
  • Where the clinician is aware that the patient may have communication difficulties (e.g. deafness or speech problems) or where there is reason to believe that the patient may have difficulty in understanding.
  • Where the use of telephone or other remote means may be insensitive to the emotional or similar needs of the patient.

The clinician will ring back at approximately the time indicated, but this is dependent on other clinical priorities. This would normally be within 30 minutes of the time either way.

  • The clinician will attempt to call only twice. If unanswered, there will be no further attempt unless the call made was outside the time range. Any failed encounters of this kind should be documented in the patient’s records.
  • No messages will be left on answering machines or with a third party.
  • We would ask that patients who have not received a call from the clinician within 45 minutes of the scheduled time contact the surgery on 01562 547300.

Advanced Nurse Practitioners

They are based at Wychbury Medical Centre and Cradley Road Medical practice offering a service for patients who feel they need an appointment that is urgent and needs to be seen the same day.

Appointments can be made in the normal way at reception.

They are able to see most patients with the exception of mental health related problems, pregnancy related problems or a problem that is ongoing that you have already seen the doctor for.

They have completed training which qualifies them to assess, diagnose, treat and initiate further tests/and or referrals as indicated the same as the doctor can

They are both able to prescribe medication.

This service is provided to allow you to see a fully qualified clinician quickly. This will help to relieve the heavy demand on our current system. As a result it should allow more GP appointments to be available for those patients with chronic or complex conditions.

Cancel Appointment

If you are unable to attend or no longer require an appointment, please let us know so we can offer the appointment to someone else.

To cancel you can: