Patient Communication

Dear Patient,

As we find national restrictions lifting after what has been a very challenging period for everyone, please find below an update from Wychbury Medical Group.

During the pandemic we have been working extremely hard to maintain accessible and high quality care for our patients. We have made every effort to keep patients safe by continuing social distancing measures and enhanced cleaning on surgery premises. We took the decision to implement an intercom system at the entrances to practice buildings in order to help protect patients and staff from Covid-19. This has been in place since early on in the pandemic and at present this will continue. If you have a face to face appointment or are collecting something from the surgery please press the intercom button on arrival and a receptionist will answer swiftly. Please do not attend the surgery in person to book an appointment; this should be done by phone on 01384 322300.

We know that it can be difficult to make an appointment and we apologise for the worry and frustration this can cause. We are working harder than ever and trying our very best to meet the demand we face. In the coming months we will have a new telephone system in place offering several features to make contacting the practice easier. This will involve a change to our phone numbers, and we will publicise this widely when the system goes live.

When you call to book an appointment, our receptionists have received enhanced training to enable them to deal with your request effectively. Please be aware they are likely to ask for some brief information about the reason for your call including any symptoms you may have. All staff are bound by strict confidentiality rules so rest assured your information is safe. If you wish not to disclose this information please inform the staff member.

If the reason for your call is not urgent, you can book a telephone appointment up to 4 weeks in advance. If you have discussed the same issue with a doctor before you may find it helpful to book with the same doctor again.

We recognise this is a difficult time for patients with waiting lists going up and long delays for planned hospital treatments and appointments. The local hospitals are also working extremely hard to catch up and we are supporting them in any way we can.

We wanted to reassure you that we have been offering face to face appointments throughout the pandemic based on clinical need. This means that all appointments are initially by telephone but a clinician can arrange a face to face appointment following this if it is deemed clinically necessary and taking the patient’s preferences into account. We have felt this is the safest way to operate to reduce the spread of the virus and protect our most vulnerable patients.

The vast majority of our patients and their carers are polite and understanding when contacting the practice. However, very sadly, we have seen an increase in verbal abuse directed towards our staff. We know it can be frustrating, especially when you are feeling poorly or are worried, but we ask you to please be considerate towards the person helping you. Our staff are working tirelessly to offer the best service they can at this difficult time. They have a very difficult job and each and every one is trying their best.

Following the latest Government update regarding the end of legal restrictions it will still be required to wear a facemask and adhere to social distancing on practice premises.

We want to reassure you that:

  • We are open (and have been open since the start of the pandemic). The best route to seek help is to call us on 01384 322300.
  • We are here to help you. If you have medical concerns and have perhaps been delaying seeking help, please contact us.
  • Our Covid safe procedures, remain in place for now and we are keeping these under careful review and we will adjust these when it is safe to do so.

Finally, we would like to thank you. For your patience, understanding and support through this extremely difficult period. For all the messages of thanks, the compliments, the smiles, the encouragement. These all make a huge difference.

Yours faithfully,

Wychbury Medical Group