Clinics and Services

We offer a range of clinics and services including those below. For more information, please visit our Health Review and Assessment Clinic Room.

If you would like to attend any of the below clinics, please visit our Consulting Room.

Our practice can provide the following services: ​

  • Antenatal Clinics
  • Baby Clinics
  • Child Development Checks
  • Weight Loss/Dietary and exercise advice
  • Well Person Clinics
  • NHS Health Checks
  • Family Planning
  • Phlebotomy Service
  • Minor surgery, Cryotherapy
  • Maternity care
  • Hypertension – If you have been advised by the surgery to submit your blood pressure readings on a regular basis, please complete our online Blood Pressure form
  • Asthma Review – If you have been advised by the surgery to submit an annual review of your asthma symptoms, please complete our online Asthma Review form
  • Diabetes Review
  • Epilepsy Review – If you have been advised by the surgery to submit a epilepsy review, please complete our online Epilepsy Review form.
  • COPD Review – If you have been advised by the surgery to submit a COPD assessment, please complete our online COPD Assessment Review form.

Nurse Run Clinics

  • Patients Over Seventy-Five Years
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Travel Advice
  • Well Person Check
  • Immunisations
  • Cervical Screening
  • Flu Vaccinations
  • Pneumococcal Vaccinations
  • Asthma/COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)
  • IHD (Ischaemic Heart Disease)
  • Diabetes
  • Impaired Glucose Tolerance Test
  • Long term condition reviews e.g. hypertension

Vasectomy Self-Referral

The vasectomy service at Brierley Hill is now accepting self-referrals for vasectomy. Full contraceptive counselling will be conducted by the service along with an assessment of suitability/exclusion criteria.

Patients can self-refer without GP appointment by contacting 0121 295 1103 from Monday to Friday, between 08:00 and 19:00, and Saturdays between 08:30 and 17:30. The caller should have the patient’s name, date of birth, GP practice name and ideally their NHS number along with a contact phone number and email address.

There will be a website established shortly through which patients can also self-refer. Further details to follow when available.

NHS Digital Weight Management Programme

Obesity is a serious health concern which increases the risk of many other health conditions. For example, Type 2 Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, joint problems, mental health problems, and some cancers. There is also evidence to suggest that people living with obesity are at higher risk of more severe outcomes associated with COVID-19.

The NHS Digital Weight Management Programme could help you if you are living with obesity and also have diabetes, high blood pressure, or both. If you match the criteria you could benefit from the free 12-week NHS Digital Weight Management Programme, It’s completely free and easily available via a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

The programme offers three different levels of support, including human coaching for groups who may be less likely to complete behavioural and lifestyle change programmes, with the aim of reducing health inequalities. This includes those of younger (working) age, people from Black, Asian and ethnic minority backgrounds, men, and people living in more deprived communities.

The online programme provides an alternative way of accessing weight management support. In the context of COVID-19, it means people can complete it whilst social distancing is in place.

What’s the criteria to be referred to the programme?

  • You must be 18 or over.
  • Have a BMI greater than 30. The BMI threshold will be lowered to 27.5 for people from Black, Asian, and ethnic minority backgrounds, as we know people from these ethnic backgrounds are at an increased risk of conditions such as Type 2 diabetes at a lower BMI.
  • You must also have diabetes, high blood pressure, or both.
  • The programme is only available to people with a smartphone, tablet, or computer with internet access.

How to sign up

To sign up to the programme you will need to speak to a GP or nurse who can refer you to the programme.

Further information about the programme can be found in the Digital Weight Management Programme Leaflet.